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Time Shares were often sold as a long-term investment as well as a perfect low-cost holiday home for yourselves and the family to enjoy.

As time has gone on maintenance charges increase and you no longer want the time share. You may have stopped paying the fees only to find the time share company threatening you with bailiffs. Alongside this you may have now realised time share is a very difficult contract to exit from if not impossible.

We are almost certainly able to help you exit from your time share, 50% of the people that contact us are also able to make a claim against the time share company for mis-selling under time share law passed in January 1999.

Mis-selling cases are often funded which means you won’t have anything to pay and stand a high chance of being compensated.

If your time share was not mis-sold but you want to exit out (relinquish) of it anyway, we are often able to help you exit with a simple fixed fee. In order to determine the cost, we will do a free assessment of your paperwork.

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